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"For on Site PC Support"

100 Kane Street, 

Southington, CT


​​​​​​Mission Statement

DJB Break Fix is dedicated in providing the highest quality service at reasonable rates in your residence or business. 

We can provide Remote, In Home or Free Pickup & Delivery Service for your Small Office / Home Office (SOHO) or the casual users needs.  
No job is too small. Check out my Services link below.

     Upon scheduling a service call, I will provide a free written estimate. You will have the choice of declining or you can have the service provided upon signing the service agreement. 

*All services are priced a flat rate of $60.00 per hour for "In Home  Support, Minimum service call fee is $60.00.*

Emergency Support - (After hours, weekends & holidays), rate of $90.00 per hour for "In Home  Support, Minimum service call fee is $180.00.*

Reasons to use DJB Break Fix:

  • FREE Estimates - valid for 30 days!
  • Better prices for "In Home Computer Support Service" !
  • Personalized service!
  • No need to disassemble computer!
  • Diagnose issues in your computing environment;  no need to replicate errors when I can see them first hand!
  • Flexible scheduling - Day, Evening and Weekend appointments available.
  • Instant Housecall Remote Support and Remote Access Software

​​​Computers need maintenance just like your car or home. If you don't perform regular maintenance, your PC will run slower and hotter causing sluggish performance. Even with Antivirus software installed, you may still get infected with some sort of Virus, Spyware, Scareware, Malware, Trojans or Root-kits when visiting or downloading from some websites!

The latest exploit attacks is called Ransomware. Hackers will encrypt your hard drive and demand you pay them a predetermined amount of money before they send you the key code to unencrypt your data. 

You should install a paid subscription for your Anti-Virus program but if you can't, these are FREE:

Microsoft Security Essentials 

  • provides real-time protection for your home or small business PC.

SUPERAntiSpyware Free Edition

  • Guards against viruses, spyware, and other malicious software.

  • 100% Free and will detect and remove thousands of Spyware, Adware, Malware, Trojans, KeyLoggers, Dialers, Hi-Jackers, and Worms.

Malwarebytes Free Edition

  • Detects and removes malware and advanced threats.

  • Removes rootkits and repairs the files they damage.

New Services Added

Recycle your old PC's  - I will pickup your unwanted Computers and Peripherals free of charge.

*Want your data transferred to your USB Drive for a fee.  *All hard drives will be destroyed after data has been removed for your protection.

Looking for A used laptop or desktop? Better value for your money for the average user or student!

I recently found a supplier that can provide high quality refurbished computer systems off lease with Windows 7, 8.1 or 10 - call for details.

Custom Built Personal Computers customized to your needs with only Quality parts.
Why settle for the big box stores off the shelf Inferior PC's that use only the cheapest parts so they can make the most profit.
I can give you a choice of what you want for an operating system: Windows 7, 8.1, 10 Home or Pro; Linux Ubuntu or Mint.​

Call or email to schedule an appointment. 

Payment methods include: Cash, Check, Major Credit Cards with Square*          or PayPal* .       *Barter is not accepted at this time*

*Credit payment include 3.5% processing fee per transaction.
*Prices may change without notice


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